latin lol

Big shout out to my boo, Sakura. We're getting married one day so u mfs can smell my butt.

Okay, I’m going to do a lot of stuff today but I got some sparkling apple juice and Chinese food for Tony and I. MMMMM. Also all dat chocolate.

I proposed with a Ring Pop earlier to Tony and asked if he would be my Valentine and he said yes. (LMAO.) I went down on my knee and everything. B)

I believe we will watch some cheesy bullshit movie later and just veg out. I’m debating on whether or not I’ll still go to that awful good workout fitness class but we’ll see. I have been slacking ALL this week and the only thing I did was went running yesterday for a few miles.

I also helped save a puppy yesterday because on my “first” attempt of the run a little lab came out of nowhere and was chasing me around and playing with me. I had him follow me home and kept him inside while I called the owner. He was a friendly pup and wanted to play with Gunnar. Gunnar is a dramatic actor though and since the dog is so big compared to him (little corgi) he accidentally stepped on Gunnar’s foot and Gunnar squealed. ANYWAY, the owner did come to get him and the puppy was named Ryder and adorable.

I went on my second attempt of the run not long after and Ryder came from nowhere and ran towards me again! The owner grabbed him as he was in mid squat (pooing LOL) and that’s the last I saw of him. Goodbye, Ryder! Hope you can play with Gunnar someday again.