latin lol

Big shout out to my boo, Sakura. We're getting married one day so u mfs can smell my butt.

Once again was another night where I wanted to punch a guy in the face for being an asshole and trying to bother me at work. I don’t have to talk to you, buddy and stop trying to converse with me.

It’s fine when it’s other people who don’t have ulterior motives and there ARE nice men here who treat me equally/are decent fellows. However, most of them are just disgusting pigs.

Because I wouldn’t respond to this guy and was snotty since he was bothering me and demanding I make conversation he went off singing about bitches. Yeah, fuck you too buddy.

In other news, I’m doodling for the first time and years and ugh. I cannot do realism. I wish I had time and money to take some art classes. I mean I’m okay but…not where I would want to be. Maybe I’ll post pictures someday but I’m too embarrassed for now. u ^ u